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Steak Cup

Steak, popcorn chicken, sausage, fries, vegetable, fruit, and your choice of black tea, green tea, or lemonade


Matcha Latte

Made with one of the best Uji matcha powder imported from Beishilin Tea Co, a well-known Chongqing tea company since 1861


Fried Potato

with Prince Noodle

Our signature snack that gives you the best crunch on the outside and creamy cheese filling on the inside.


Hong Kong

Milk Tea

The most classic and all-time favorite drink with an authentic taste of Hong Kong style milk tea

Garlic Shrimp



Our signature pasta entrée. Garlic and shrimps spaghetti with a rich, creamy white sauce.


Green Tea


Made with fresh grapefruit and green tea just to give you the freshest taste!

Signature Fried Potato with Sous Vide Egg

Deep fried potato with sous vide egg topped with bonito flakes

Jasmine Green

Tea with Cheese Foam


Freshly brewed upon order. Every cup comes with a tea bag providing the same great taste every time you order it

BBQ Beef

Jian Bing


Jian Bing is a Chinese savory crepe originated from various parts of China. Our Jian Bing is made in Beijing style and the addition of BBQ beef and red cabbage for a better taste

Assorted Eggettes


Our selection of eggettes range from the most classic eggette to fresh fruit eggette and cheese filled eggette. If you can't find your favorite eggette elsewhere, you may find it here!

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